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Prices for Virtual lessons:

Fee per student: $45/hr advance, $40/hr intermediate, $35/45min beginner

Fill out your registration form and send it in along with payment!
All payments must be paid through paypal, check or money order,  made out to : ACE School of Music, Po Box 45, Haverford PA 19041


Regular attendance is essential for the student's progress. Tuition will not be refunded for missed lessons. Please note that each child will be given two make-up lessons per semester. In the case of your teacher being absent for personal reasons, an additional make-up will be provided for that reason. The teacher may choose to make up the missed lessons by adding extra time to the existing lesson, with your permission. Make-ups must be done during the semester in which the lessons were missed. They cannot be carried over to any other semester.

The first three semesters of our school, (Fall, Winter, and Spring), are billed at the beginning of each semester. Parents will be billed for half of the tuition prior to the first class, and the balance will be due 8weeks into the 16week semester, or halfway into the semester that is personalized for your child. 





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If parents decide to withdraw their children from lessons during the middle of a semester(Fall, Winter, or Spring), parents are required to give a two week notice, and will be held financially responsible for these two weeks of lessons.